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Unike®-Injekt forte 1 x 2 ml

Unike®-Injekt forte 1 x 2 ml

Köhler Pharma

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Product Description

Unike®-Injekt forte injection solution in ready-to-fill syringes containsbuffered physiological hyaluronic acidand a sodium salt solution that hasvisco-elastic properties. It serves as asubstitute for synovial fluidand restores physiological and rheological conditions in painful joints or limited mobility in degenerative or traumatic conditions. Unike®-Injekt isvery well toleratedand only acts in the joints without having a systemic effect.


  • Injection solution for joint fluid replacement
  • With visco-elastic properties
  • Contains 32 mg sodium hyaluronate
  • Reduces pain and increases mobility
  • Available in various pack sizes


  • Unike®-Injekt forte from Köhler Pharma
  • Buffered physiological hyaluronic acid with sodium salt solution
  • Well-tolerated injection solution for intra-articular administration
  • Restores the viscoelastic properties of the joint fluid
  • Reduces joint pain and increases joint mobility
  • Does not have a systemic effect
  • Contains 0.8% highly purified sodium hyaluronate (sodium salt of hyaluronic acid)
  • Molecular weight between 800 and 1,200 kDalton
  • Fermentatively derived and chemically unmodified
  • With visco-elastic properties
  • In ready-to-use glass syringes with 2 ml solution
  • Contents of syringes sterile and pyrogen-free
  • Available in various pack sizes
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Unike®-Injekt Forte Injection Solution As A Substitute For Joint Fluid
Unike®-Injekt forte 1 x 2 ml144421
Unike®-Injekt forte 1 x 2 ml144421
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