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Female Bladder Model

Female Bladder Model


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The model shows the female bladder (vesica urinaria) of an adult woman in life size. The anatomical model of the female bladder is suitablefor explaining urinary incontinence, acute cystitis (bladder infection), irritable bladder, cystoceleand can also be usedto explain DVT surgery. The longitudinal section is firmly fixed to a plastic base, which makes the model particularly stable and excellently suited for illustrative purposes.


  • Anatomical model
  • Life-size bladder model
  • Elaborately coloured
  • Firmly mounted on a base
  • 1 piece


  • Model of the female bladder from HeineScientific
  • Made of plastic
  • Coloured model
  • Firmly mounted on a plastic base
  • Dimensions (with base): 23 cm x 18 cm
  • Layer of smooth muscle (tunica muscularis)
  • Lining mucosa (tunica mucosa) of urothelium
  • Mucous membrane structure and folds (plicae mucosae)
  • Trigone of urinary bladder (trigonum vesicae)
  • Orifice of the ureter (ostium ureteris) with the plica interureterica
  • Base of the bladder
  • Urethra with urethral glands
  • Vesical venous plexus
  • Bulbus vestibuli
  • Vaginal opening (ostium vaginae)
  • Also: fat tissue, bones and muscles
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Anatomical Model Of The Female Bladder From Heinescientific
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Female Bladder Model139023
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