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oculav NIT® Emergency Eye Wash

oculav NIT® Emergency Eye Wash

Söhngen W.

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Product Description

oculav NIT® is aready-to-use emergency eye wash solution. Not only can the eye wash can be applied in cases of chemical eye burns, but the solution also gently rinses out foreign bodies.


  • 250 ml sterile solution (buffer solution)
  • For chemical accidents and foreign bodies
  • Compliant with DIN EN 15154-4
  • Adjustable spray strength
  • Heat-resistant, maintenance-free and easy to use


  • 250 ml of sterile solution for immediate flushing of the eyes, conjunctival sac and affected surrounding skin
  • Buffer solution binds and neutralises, especially after burns caused by acids, bases, pepper spray, CS gas and tear gas
  • Adjustable spray strength
  • Easy-to-use, even by inexperienced users
  • Heat resistant
  • Medical device according to MPG with CE marking
  • Complies with DIN EN 15154-4
  • Immediately ready for use,
  • Can be applied with one hand
  • Smooth, burr-free nozzle – nozzle is held down to empty
  • Strong safety catch
  • 3 year sterile shelf life
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Oculav Nit®  Eye Wash | Immediate Aid For Acid Or Alkali Burns
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oculav NIT® Emergency Eye Wash368010
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